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<br />vi. University City would pass an ordinance to adopt the program. Dave can <br />provide a sample ordinance. <br />vii. Dave Pickerill acts as the Program Administrator and the Executive Director. viii. Contractors must have a Certificate of Liability and apply to be on the <br />contractor list for the projects, but they do not need to pay a fee to be on the <br />list. <br />b) GPC follow-up: <br />i. Jenny will send University City’s attorney the sample Ordinance to review. ii. Jenny will forward the power-point presentation to the GPC members who <br />were not in attendance. <br />iii. The Commission will vote on University City joining the program at the June <br />meeting. <br />iv. The Commission will develop a list of 10 projects to consider for the program (if approved). <br /> <br />5. New Business <br />a) Olive Street Lights <br />i. The Olive Business District would like to have improved lighting along Olive and would like to standardize the brightness, color, and uniformity of the <br />lights. <br />ii. Currently the lighting can be either Mercury Vapor or High Pressure Sodium <br />depending on what Ameren has installed. The lighting ranges from 6800 <br />lumens to 25,500 lumens depending on the lights installed by Ameren. iii. Ameren provided a quote to the City of $247,000 for a portion of the lights to <br />be upgraded (with increased energy use). <br />iv. Jenny would like the Green Practices Commission to discuss and present <br />energy efficient lighting options to address the Olive Business District’s <br />concerns. The Commission members discussed the options and no solution was agreed upon. The topic will be discussed again at the June meeting. <br /> <br />6. Reports are tabled until the next meeting. <br /> <br />7. Closing Round a) No comments. <br /> <br />8. Adjournment: 7:42 pm <br />