Laserfiche WebLink <br />February meeting. c) Ice Carnival <br />i. 12 of the 45 new Delmar Loop public space containers with separate compartments <br />for recycling and trash have been installed along Delmar. ii. The City enlisted Recycling on the Go (RotG) to provide temporary recycling <br />containers adjacent to the remaining trash-only containers. iii. RotG will sort trash and recycling through the course of the day. iv. Recycling will also be provided for the 5K and 10K Frozen Buns Runs. <br />v. Maximum waste diversion is anticipated. d) Commercial Recycling Update i. 3 Kings, Market Pub, and the Long Acres Farmer’s Market have changed to City <br />service and are now recycling. ii. Jenny has engaged in conversation with Joe Edwards and Steve Stone, two <br />prominent building owners, about converting to University City service. <br />iii. Several other businesses have expressed interest as well. iv. The commercial recycling initiative is proceeding successfully. <br />v. Jenny is working with the Green Dining Alliance (GDA) to make the Delmar Loop a <br />Green Dining Alliance District. vi. Steve Kraft asked about composting opportunities. The City is unable to provide <br />composting due to vermin, contamination, education, etc. vii. Jenny will invite St. Louis Composting to speak at a Commission meeting about their services. <br />e) Recycling Center Update for plastic film and other materials i. Upgrades to the existing recycling center on Pennsylvania are proceeding according to plan. <br />ii. Jenny received proposal for a 5-year contract from MLMC including accepting plastic film collected at the recycling center. iii. A trial period is desired before committing to a 5-year contract term. Plastic film <br />collection will require a trial before it is designated as a standard material collected at the center. <br />iv. Jenny sent questions to MLMC concerning the contract length as well as other <br />contract requirements. <br />7. Reports <br />a) Ecosystems/ Habitat i. Dianne suggested a goal to require using only native and adaptive plants on <br />University City-owned property. This needs to be discussed with the Parks Department and U City in Bloom on behalf of the Green Practices Commission. ii. The Monarch Waystation Citizen Volunteer Corps (MWCVC) would like the Mayor to <br />sign the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge. Mayors must commit to implement at least three of 25 pledge action items within a year of signing. A full description of the action items can be found at <br />Pledge_Action-Items.pdf. The MWCVC would like multiple Commissions to back the <br />pledge, including the Parks Commission and the Urban Forestry Commission in addition to the GPC. Dianne will ask the MWCVC how the GPC can help. <br />b) Council Liaison i. Steve Kraft expressed his satisfaction in the success of the GPC’s topics, projects and objectives. He conveyed his concern about the Commission’s future success <br />once the experienced members with years of expertise in their areas are gone. Lois indicated that one of the goals of the commission should be to train the incoming <br />members so they can carry on the success. <br /> 8. Closing Round <br />a) Tim Michels <br />i. Congressman Lacey Clay announced that parts of North St. Louis, including parts of University City, have been designated “Promise Zones”. The City/GPC should learn <br />more in order to be proactive and to be included in the program.