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has indicated that Ward Diesel Filter Systems is the only supplier of the system required for <br />installation in Fire House #2. The request is within their existing budget, but was not <br />. <br />previously identified in the contract <br /> <br /> 4. NO SMOKING POLICY <br /> <br /> <br />BACKGROUND REVIEW: <br />In support of a smoke-free work and play environment, all City <br />departments have agreed to prohibit smoking in City vehicles and inside areas previously <br />designated as smoking. Currently, City Council has the discretion to decide the smoking <br />policy for the Council Chambers, the Mayor’s Office, the Community Center, public areas at <br />ndth <br />the Centennial Commons, as well as the E.O.C. room, 2 floor room 6, and the 4 floor <br />conference room during evening hours when used for public meetings. I would like Council’s <br />approval to prohibit smoking in these discretionary areas; with your approval I will amend the <br />Administrative Regulations accordingly. <br /> <br /> 5. CHEVROLET TAHOE-FIRE DEPARTMENT <br /> <br />BACKGROUND REVIEW: <br />Bids were received for the purchase of a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe <br />and the results were as follow: <br /> Jim Butler Chevrolet ....$32,535 <br /> Don Brown Chevrolet...$31,233 <br />The Fire Department reviewed the specifications and determined that the vehicle offered by <br />Jim Butler Chevrolet was the only vehicle that met all the specifications. The vehicle offered <br />by Don Brown did not meet all the specifications and had a 70 day delivery. <br /> <br />6. CENTENNIAL COMMONS: FINAL CHANGE ORDER <br /> <br />BACKGROUND REVIEW: <br /> The Commons opened early this year, however, staff <br />continued to work with contractors on completion of the final components of the project. <br />This change order represents the finalization of the project. As attached, Ms. MacCartney <br />has provided me with the needed detail to justify the expenditure of the final $26,290 in <br />funds, with your approval I will sign of on the final change order. The budget adjustment <br />will be addressed with upcoming the budget transfer. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />G. CITY MANAGER’S REPORT <br />2007 University City Calendar <br />As we begin to prepare for the a vital component is the <br />scheduling of Council meetings. The Charter simply states that Council will meet once a <br />month. You decide how many meetings, what time, when and where you meet. Based on <br />feedback, I’ve prepared two sample calendars Option 1 with Council meetings on first and <br />third Mondays (with the exception of April due to Passover). Meetings are moved forward <br />to the next Tuesday in the event that a Federal or religious holiday falls on the regular <br />date. There is only one meeting set for July, August and December. While this <br />scheduling method provides consistency in terms of meetings, a draw back would be that <br />Tuesday meetings will be in conflict. There are occasions that the Arts and Letters <br />Commission, Historic Preservation Commission or Pension Board might meet on the same <br />night. Thursdays are the only “meeting free” night consistently. Option 2 represents a <br />Monday meeting only schedule. Quarterly study sessions have been incorporated into <br />both options. What are your preferences? <br /> <br />Based on feedback, I will proceed with the Study Session schedule identified below: <br />August 21: 6:30 PM Full Session, Sunshine Law and Public Liability Training <br /> 2 <br /> <br />