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Resolution 2011 12 <br /> RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE CITY TO ENTER INTO A MEMORANDUM OF <br /> UNDERSTANDING WITH THE CITY OF OLIVETTE, MISSOURI, TO JOINTLY PURSUE A <br /> GRANT APPLICATION SPECIFIC TO THE REDEVELOPMENT PLANNING OF THE AREA <br /> NEAR THE INTERSTATE 170 AND OLIVE BOULEVEARD INTERCHANGE <br /> WHEREAS, the Cities of University City and Olivette have been working together through a <br /> Joint Redevelopment Task Force as directed by each City Council since May 2009 to explore <br /> redevelopment opportunities and joint initiatives in the general area of the Olive Boulevard / I- <br /> 170intersection; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Cities of University City and Olivette are aware of funding up to three million <br /> dollars ($3 million) for planning that is available from the U. S. Department of Housing and <br /> Urban Development (HUD) under its 2011 Community Challenge Planning Grant program and <br /> advantageous for both Cities to pursue jointly; and <br /> WHEREAS, HUD requires applicants and the partners of the planning grant program to provide <br /> a minimum of twenty percent (20%) of the requested funding amount as a match in the form of <br /> cash and/or verified in-kind contributions or a combination of these sources to be identified in <br /> the application due September 9, 2011; and <br /> WHEREAS, HUD requires that all matched or leveraged resources be supported by <br /> documentation in the form of letters, memorandums of understanding, or other signed <br /> agreements, and that each verification document should include the organization's proposed <br /> level and type of commitment and responsibilities, and that the commitment document must be <br /> signed and dated by an official of the organization legally able to make commitments on behalf <br /> of the organization; and <br /> WHEREAS, the purpose of the application is to of create a master plan and related regulations <br /> /codes for its implementation; and <br /> WHEREAS, the City has staff, materials, services and other resources available to provide the <br /> requested match. <br /> NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE CITY COUNCIL OF UNIVERSITY CITY, <br /> ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MISSOURI authorizes the City to enter into a Memorandum of <br /> Understanding with the City of Olivette, Missouri, to jointly pursue the said application specific to <br /> the redevelopment planning of the area near the Interstate 170 and Olive Boulevard <br /> interchange, and <br /> a <br />