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RESOLUTION 2011 - 18 <br /> WHEREAS, Section of the University City Zoning Code requires that the <br /> preliminary development plan be approved by the City Council by adoption of a resolution approving <br /> said preliminary development plan, with conditions as may be specified and authorizing the <br /> preparation of the final development plan. Section 34.40.05 of the Zoning Code requires that the <br /> permitted land uses and developments shall be established in the conditions of the ordinance <br /> adopted by the city council governing the particular Planned Development-Mixed Use District. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br /> UNIVERSITY CITY, MO AS FOLLOWS: <br /> The City Council hereby authorizes the preparation of the final development plan for the proposal for <br /> this map amendment and resolution, to be known as "Kingsland Walk." The proposed structures <br /> shall be developed with the following conditions: <br /> 1. The building and property shall be developed, constructed and maintained in compliance with <br /> the plans submitted and dated on November 21, 2011 with the approved application. The <br /> height and mass shall be restricted to that shown on the preliminary development plan. ` <br /> l <br /> 2. The specific uses of"all permitted uses and/or conditional uses as set forth in the LC — Limited <br /> Commercial District, GC — General Commercial District, and CC — Core Commercial District, <br /> elevator apartment dwellings, and work/live units" are designated as the permitted and I <br /> conditional uses. <br /> 3. The minimum site size required is reduced to 1.88 acres per Section 34-40.6 of the Zoning <br /> Code. <br /> 4. The maximum number of dwelling units permitted shall be limited to 138, including the <br /> proposed work/live units. <br /> 5. The minimum number of parking spaces, including surface and garage spaces, shall be in <br /> accordance with the following formula: one (1) parking space for each one-bedroom unit; 1.5 <br /> parking spaces for each two-bedroom unit and work/live unit; and one (1) parking space per <br /> 400 square feet of floor area in the ground floor areas designated for commercial use. <br /> 6. Sustainability measures shall be incorporated into the development. The surface parking area <br /> to the south of the garage shall be constructed with permeable material. A "white-roof' system <br /> shall be installed on top of the residential sections of the complex. Vertical greening shall be <br /> provided on the garage fagade. <br /> 7. The proposed complex including the garage shall be of construction materials and in <br /> architectural design as approved by the Department of Community Development with input by <br /> the Historic Preservation Commission. The exterior of the proposed buildings should be <br /> designed and constructed using color and materials that are compatible with the Parkview <br /> Gardens neighborhood to the southeast and south. <br /> s <br /> Page 1 of 2 <br /> f <br />