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RESOLUTION 2013 - 4 <br /> RESOLUTION FOR LAND & WATER CONSERVATION FUND GRANT <br /> WHEREAS, the Park Commission of University City deems it necessary to improve a public <br /> park or facility, more specifically know as Millar Park, to serve its citizens as well as those in the <br /> metropolitan area. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE City Council OF THE City of University <br /> City, as follows: <br /> 1. That a project application be prepared and submitted to the Department of Natural <br /> Resources, Division of State Park's Grants Management Section for the Land and Water <br /> Conservation Fund (LWCF) Grant Round Fiscal Year 2013 for a grant-in-aid for some of <br /> the costs to make improvements to the walking/jogging trail in Millar Park. <br /> 2. The governing body herby authorizes the City Manager to sign and execute the necessary <br /> documents for forwarding the project proposal application for a grant-in-aid under the <br /> LWCF. These persons are also hereby authorized to sign the project agreement, <br /> subsequent amendments and other necessary documents between the City of University <br /> City and the State of Missouri. <br /> 3. If a grant is awarded, the City of University City accepts all responsibilities under the <br /> LWCF regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, project site to be protected by the <br /> LWCF rules and regulations in perpetuity, maintenance of the park for public outdoor <br /> recreation purposes, compliance with the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of <br /> 1964, underground wiring of all telephone and electrical wires under 15 KV within the <br /> park both under this project and in the future, provisions of facilities which are accessible <br /> to and usable by people with special needs. <br /> PASSED AND RESOLVED THIS 8th DAY OF APRIL 2013. <br /> Attest: (� CC <br /> Shelley Wel c , '``' <br /> y Mayor -sr 1�r, f., ' ,� Joyce Purr, Cit Clerk <br /> fi <br /> • <br /> • <br /> '. P <br />