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t <br /> RESOLUTION 2013 — 13 <br /> it <br /> Resolution in support of Public Works Department for University City street <br /> maintenance <br /> I <br /> WHEREAS, well maintained and properly functioning streets benefit all residents of <br /> University City; and <br /> WHEREAS, some streets owned and maintained by University City are in substandard <br /> condition; and <br /> WHEREAS, many substandard streets are listed as "unimproved streets"; and <br /> WHEREAS, many substandard and unimproved streets have been in poor condition for <br /> decades; and <br /> t <br /> i <br /> WHEREAS, the City of University City bears some responsibility for accepting <br /> I <br /> ownership of substandard streets from initial developers (many decades in the past); f, <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, in the past, the City policy for unimproved streets has been, "the City l' <br /> performs the minimum work necessary to keep the street functioning"; and <br /> WHEREAS, over time it may be more cost effective to properly maintain a street. <br /> NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that upon recommendation of the Public Works <br /> Department, the University City Council may allocate funds for the proper maintenance <br /> of unimproved streets. While it is not necessary that these streets be brought up to the <br /> full engineering requirements (including curbs, sidewalks) of other streets, it is expected I <br /> that these streets will be maintained at a level that is better than "the minimum to keep <br /> the street functioning".. <br /> o <br /> Adopted this of September 9, 2013. <br /> ,' <br /> a2,, r; <br /> I , <br /> Shelley Welsch <br /> MAYOR <br /> i <br /> _ <br /> , <br /> / Y <br /> 1 <br /> J•► e Pumm <br /> CITY CLERK <br /> ,/ •°O <br /> > e , <br /> r,, <br /> i�' <br />