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) <br /> Resolution 2013 - 19 <br /> RESOLUTION TO SUPPORT THE ST. LOUIS AUDUBON SOCIETY'S BRING <br /> CONSERVATION HOME PROGRAM IN THE CITY OF UNIVERSITY CITY <br /> WHEREAS, we believe that a variety of landscapes add diversity and value to the quality of life in <br /> University City. Landscaping with native plants to restore habitat is essential for our native birds, <br /> butterflies and each other; <br /> WHEREAS, the City recognizes that landowners' are interested in having managed native and non- <br /> invasive landscapes and encourages the preservation, restoration and management of native plant €' <br /> communities and wildlife habitats within the City limits; <br /> WHEREAS, the City acknowledges the need to enjoy and benefit from the variety, beauty and <br /> practical values of natural landscapes and seeks to offer citizens the freedom to employ varying <br /> degrees of natural landscaping as viable and desirable alternatives to other conventional modes of <br /> landscaping that are created and sustained in a condition of ecological stability in good health and <br /> vigor in compliance with University City municipal codes, as opposed to one of impairment and <br /> decline. It is not the City's intent to allow vegetated areas to be unmanaged or overgrown in ways <br /> that may adversely affect human health or safety. <br /> WHEREAS, the City supports the Bring Conservation Home program, which is an urban land habitat <br /> restoration assistance and certification program coordinated by the St. Louis Audubon Society. The <br /> certification program supports the restoration of native plant and animal habitat on urban properties <br /> by encouraging sustainable plantings, removal of invasive plant species and promotion of healthy <br /> habitat for birds, pollinators, and native wildlife; <br /> WHEREAS, the City supports the goal of the Bring Conservation Home certification program to <br /> address native and non-native invasive plants, water conservation and stewardship practices for the <br /> benefit of birds, butterflies, and other animals and people; <br /> WHEREAS, the City understands that the program is a voluntary, property owner paid-for certification <br /> program for small, private landowners in the St. Louis area; <br /> WHEREAS, there are no costs to the City of University City and all University City residents voluntarily <br /> participating in the program will receive the service for a reduced fee of$25 (normally costs $50). The <br /> fee covers the landowner's participation and one year support from the St. Louis Audubon Society. <br /> The fee includes one initial site assessment and consultation visit plus one optional follow-up <br /> certification visit; <br /> WHEREAS, the City will publicize the program to University City residents through the website and <br /> newsletter (as space allows); <br /> THEREFORE, be it resolved that the St. Louis Audubon Society's Bring Conservation Home program be <br /> endorsed through this resolution by the City of University City with the understanding that this <br /> endorsement commits the City of University City to take responsibility for marketing the availability <br /> ( <br />