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Resolution 2013 - 20 <br /> RESOLUTION FOR MUNICIPAL PARK GRANT <br /> WHEREAS, the Park Commission of University City believes it necessary to <br /> update and improve Heman Park to more adequately serve the City's residents <br /> and accordingly has recommended that the City apply to the St. Louis County I <br /> Municipal Parks Grant Commission for a planning grant as provided herein: <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of <br /> University City, as follow: <br /> 1. The City Manager is authorized and directed to do apply to the St. Louis County <br /> Municipal Parks Grant Commission for an 80% matching planning grant of up to <br />} ($6,400 @ <br /> $8,000 400 rant, <br /> ( grant; $1 600 city match) for some or all of the costs for a <br /> professional consultant to perform an inventory and assessment of improvements <br /> deemed necessary or desirable for Heman Park (the "Work"), with such costs to <br /> be reimbursed to the City by the Commission on completion of the Work by the <br /> City; and <br /> i <br /> 2. If the grant is awarded, the City Manager is further authorized and directed to sign <br /> and execute on behalf of the City an agreement with the Commission for the <br /> acceptance and use of the grant. <br /> ; <br /> i <br /> PASSED AND RESOLVED THIS 9th DAY OF Decemberr, 2013. <br /> i <br /> We <br /> 4,40 , o I, j._,Q4e1„....., , , <br /> ATTEST: ,, 1 <br /> Shelley Welsch, Mayor <br /> Jo - Pumm, City Clerk <br /> t <br /> 4 <br /> . <br /> / o <br /> i,d <br />