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INTRODUCED BY COUNCILMAN GLICKERT <br />BILL NO. 7322 ORDINANCE NO. 5151 <br />AN ORDINANCE APPROVING THE PLANS, SPECIFICATIONS <br />AND ESTIMATE OF THE "WHOLE COST" OF THE PROPOSED <br />IMPROVEMENT OF LYNN AVENUE, EXTENDING FROM <br />HANLEY ROAD TO LAMB AVENUE, A PUBLIC STREET IN <br />THE CITY OF UNIVERSITY CITY, MISSOURI, DESIG- <br />NATED AS PROJECT NO. 700: PROVIDING PAYMENT <br />THEREFORE PARTIALLY BY THE CITY OF UNIVERSITY <br />CITY, MISSOURI, OUT OF AVAILABLE CITY FUNDS, AND <br />PARTIALLY BY LEVYING A SPECIAL ASSESSMENT OR <br />TAX AGAINST THE ABUTTING PROPERTY IN THE NAME <br />OR NAMES OF THE OWNER OR OWNERS THEREOF AS PRO- <br />VIDED BY THE CITY CHARTER, AND THAT THE COUNCIL <br />FINDS AND DECLARES IT NECESSARY AND IN THE <br />PUBLIC INTEREST THAT THE IMPROVEMENT BE MADE. <br />BE IT ORDAINED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF UNIVERSITY <br />CITY, MISSOURI, AS FOLLOWS: <br />Section 1: The plans and specifications for the improvement <br />of Lynn Avenue extending from Hanley Road to Lamb Avenue, a distance <br />of approximately Six Hundred Ten feet(610')in the City of University <br />City, Missouri, together with the estimate of the "Whole Cost" of this <br />work as on file in the office of the City Engineer, and designated as <br />Project No. 700, are hereby approved and adopted, and the Council <br />finds and declares it necessary and in the public interest that the <br />Improvement be made. <br />Section 2: The aforesaid street shall be improved by <br />grading the roadway to fit the existing improvements as closely as <br />practical; by preparing the roadbed thirty -one feet (31') wide for the <br />superstructure; by constructing a Portland Cement concrete curb and <br />gutter in combination thirty inches (30 ") wide to size and shape shown <br />on plans, and placed along the edges of the roadway measured <br />thirty -one feet (31') back to back of curbs; by constructing on the <br />prepared subgrade between said gutters a foundation course of <br />asphaltic concrete base five and one half inches (5 1/2 ")thick; by <br />laying thereon an asphaltic concrete wearing courseone and one half <br />inches (1 112 ") thick; by constructing concrete driveway approaches <br />six inches (6 ") thick as shown on plans; by constructing drainage <br />is <br />