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RESOLUTION <br /> <br /> R~EREAS, a general municipal election was held in the City of University <br />City on Tuesday, April 4, 1995, and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, said election was conducted according to the laws of the State <br />of Missouri, the City Charter and Ordinances of the city of University city, <br />and the rules and regulations promulgated by the Board of Election C~is- <br />sioners of St. Louis County, and <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the following proposition was on the ballot as shown: <br /> <br />Shall the City of University City be authorized to increase the re- <br />cyclable and refuse collection monthly charges in order to provide <br />expanded recyclable collection service and to maintain the current <br />level of refuse collection service, assessed and billed f~-~, and <br />after September 1, 1995, in accordance with the following schedule? <br /> <br />TYPE (per unit for residential) <br /> <br />Single- or two-family units and <br />buildings with three or more units <br />with curb line pick up. <br /> <br />$ 8.25 $10.60 <br /> <br />Single- or two-family units with <br />alley line pick up. <br /> <br />$ 7.85 $10.60 <br /> <br />~%ree or more units with alley <br />line mechanical box pick up. <br /> <br />$5.25 $6.94 <br /> <br />Buildings in the area bounded by <br />Old Bonh~iL~ Road on the north, <br />Delmar Boulevard on the south, <br />LePere Street on the west, and <br />McKnight Boad on the east. <br /> <br />$3.90 $5.14 <br /> <br />~T~ee or more units with building <br />line pick up with carts. <br /> <br />$10.40 $13.78 <br /> <br />~T~ee or more units with mechanical <br />box pick up and waste reduction. <br /> <br />$3.20 $4.24 <br /> <br />Public or private institutions with <br /> City service: <br /> Box service (per 1-1/2 cubic <br /> (yan of box) <br /> 80-100 gallon cart service <br /> (per <br /> <br />$13.75 $18.20 <br />$13.75 $18.20 <br /> <br />NOW, THEREFORE, pursuant to the laws of the State of Missouri, the city <br /> <br /> <br />