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Green Practices Commission <br />6801 Delmar Boulevard, University City, Missouri 63130, Phone: (314) 862-6767, Fax: (314) 863-9146 <br /> Meeting Minutes – University City Green Practices Commission March 12, 2015 <br /> <br />Location: Heman Park Community Center <br />Attendees Present: Lois Sechrist, Dianne Benjamin, Bob Elgin, Richard Juang, Tim Michels, Scott Eidson, Jenny Wendt (Staff Liaison), Steve Kraft (Council Liaison) <br />Guest: Callie Vail, Amanda Wycinowski <br /> <br />Absent Excused: Jeff Mishkin 1. Meeting called to Order, Roll Call at 6:04 p.m. <br /> 2. Opening Round <br />a) Lois commented on the Recycling Extravaganza at Forest Park Community <br />College on April 26. <br />b) Tim has been working with the USGBC developing a “Tech Talk” regarding <br />community solar. c) Bob attended a meeting on upgrading St. Louis from the 2009 to <br />the "2015 International Residential Code" of the ICC (International <br />Code Council). He indicated procedures for reviewing the <br />regulations with the public are still like the 1970s; no computers or <br />projectors to help the audience follow the details, committee members still reviewed massive volumes of code books. There was <br />no comment regarding the ICC Green Construction Code. Bob will <br />check into the strategy for implementing the International Green <br />Construction Code. <br />d) Jenny sent a request to Rich Wilson to remind staff of the no-idling policy. She also sent a request to change the no-idling ordinance as follows: <br />No person shall cause or permit the engine of a motor vehicle, other than an emergency vehicle, to idle for longer than three (3) consecutive minutes while parking or stopped as defined in this Title, except when the local temperature as reported by the U.S. Weather Bureau is below ninety degrees Fahrenheit (90°F). This provision shall not apply to engines in motor vehicles being used to operate a loading, unloading or processing device. e) Mr. Kraft indicated the ordinance regarding mosquito control has changed so <br />that there will be no mosquito spray allowed by the City or the County in <br />University City. Only larvicide is allowed to be used. He also suggested <br />reaching out to other municipalities and to the St. Louis County reps to <br />encourage a larvicide only policy. <br /> 3. February 12, 2015 Green Practices Commission Meeting Minutes were approved with minor changes. <br /> 4. Special Presentations <br />a) Public Comments: Calli Vail discussed a need to clean up the area on Olive, <br />vacant lots, and the Musick neighborhood. She would like to organize clean- <br />