Laserfiche WebLink <br />Green Practices Commission <br />6801 Delmar Boulevard, University City, Missouri 63130, Phone: (314) 862-6767, Fax: (314) 863-9146 <br />Meeting Minutes – University City Green Practices Commission <br />March 10, 2016 <br />Location: Heman Park Community Center Attendees Present: Dianne Benjamin, Bob Elgin, Tim Michels, Jeff Mishkin, <br />Steve Kraft (Council Liaison), Jenny Wendt (Staff Liaison) <br />Absent: Richard Juang, Scott Eidson, Lois Sechrist <br />Guests: Tom Dunne and Gary Brinkmann, Sebright Industries Kathleen Beebe and Debra Pottinger, Ameren PurePower <br />Bob Henkel, Program Director, St. Louis Earth Day <br />1.Meeting called to Order, Roll Call at 6:05 p.m. <br />2.Opening Rounda)Tim will be attending a meeting April 11 – 12 in Columbia about Advancing Renewables <br />in the Midwest. <br />b)Bob discussed the email he sent about Ameren’s "21st Century Grid Modernization andSecurity Act” presentation that was held to convey the need to upgrade the grid. <br />c)Jenny announced she was working with Emily Andrews through the US Green Building <br />Council – Missouri Gateway Chapter to hire an intern, who will perform the GreenhouseGas Inventory to comply with requirements for the Compact of Mayors. <br />3.Approval of Minutesa)February 11, 2016 Meeting Minutes were agreed upon with no amendments. There was <br />no quorum at the March 10 meeting so approval will be tabled until the April 14 meeting. <br />4.Special Presentations <br />a)Ameren Pure Power – Kathleen Beebe, Debra Pottingeri.In the EPA Green Power Community program, a city commits to meeting a minimum <br />percentage of their annual electricity use with green power. This can be <br />accomplished with the purchase of Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates(RECs), as well as by installing on-site solar power. In St. Louis, the program ispartnered with Ameren’s Pure Power program and Microgrid Energy. <br />ii.Creve Coeur and Maplewood are the cities in the St. Louis area which havecompleted the program. Clayton completed the program a few years ago but has not <br />participated lately. <br />iii.See attached for detailed information. <br />b)Waste to Energy – Tom Dunne and Gary Brinkmann <br />i.Gary Brinkmann represents Sebright Industries, which is a company specializing inwaste and recycling equipment. Sebright is partnering with Tom Dunne, former CEO <br />of Fred Weber Inc. to create a waste to energy plant.ii.Gary and Tom are determining if St. Louis is a good market for this plant and areasking for letters of intent from cities. <br />iii.University City could benefit from a 20% reduction in landfill fees. If the City agrees,an agreement to lock in the rate and number of years would be negotiated.