Laserfiche WebLink <br />Green Practices Commission <br />6801 Delmar Boulevard, University City, Missouri 63130, Phone: (314) 862-6767, Fax: (314) 863-9146 <br />Meeting Minutes – University City Green Practices Commission <br />February 11, 2016 <br />Location: Heman Park Community Center Attendees Present: Dianne Benjamin, Scott Eidson, Bob Elgin, Tim Michels, Jeff Mishkin, <br />Lois Sechrist, Steve Kraft (Council Liaison), Jenny Wendt (Staff Liaison) <br />Absent Excused: Richard Juang <br />Guests: Sara Ryan, Marketing Coordinator, St. Louis Composting Bob Henkel, Program Director, St. Louis Earth Day <br />1.Meeting called to Order, Roll Call at 6:02 p.m. <br />2.Opening Round <br />a)Jeff attended a USGBC energy benchmarking event at Sheet Metal Workers Local 36b) Lois indicated that she was working with Jenny and Emily Andrews with the US Green <br />Building Council, Missouri Gateway Chapter to hire an intern to update the Greenhouse <br />Gas Inventory.c)Bob attended a Sierra Club meeting on January 27th concerning the St. Louis County <br />energy code. <br />3.Approval of Minutes <br />a) January 14, 2016 Meeting Minutes were approved with no amendments. <br />4.Special Presentations <br />a)Sara Ryan, St. Louis Composting Marketing Coordinator, presented the operations at St.Louis Composting. She made the following main points:i.There are 6 facilities. The Belleville, Illinois location is the largest. 85% of the <br />material is yard waste. Food scraps are buried in yard waste like a taco; it takes180 days for the food waste to decompose. The compost is tested every month by <br />the US Composting Council. Compost must have very low contamination. <br />ii.Winslow’s Home and the Moonrise Hotel are two nearby businesses who use St.Louis Composting’s services.iii.Total Organics Recycling collects food scraps from approximately 200 local <br />businesses and institutions and transports the waste to St. Louis Composting. Anexample of pricing: 2 carts collected twice per week is approximately $120. NOTE: <br />residents and businesses can drop off yard waste directly at St. Louis Composting. <br />iv.St. Louis Composting has helped several municipalities write grants for compostingservices. The City of Kirkwood received a grant for a pilot project for 10 <br />households to receive composting services. Maplewood has received grant funds <br />in the past for commercial composting services.b)Bob Henkel, St. Louis Earth Day Program Director, spoke about composting and the <br />Green Dining Alliance (GDA).i.GDA can speak to individual restaurants about composting and promotecomposting through social media. It is important to stress that composting is <br />closed loop – it keeps all economics local. GDA promotes the restaurants inHealthy Planet and Sauce magazine, a website with restaurant listings and