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Green Practices Commission <br />6801 Delmar Boulevard, University City, Missouri 63130, Phone: (314) 862-6767, Fax: (314) 863-9146 <br /> <br />Meeting Minutes – University City Green Practices Commission <br />April 14, 2016 DRAFT <br />Location: Heman Park Community Center <br />Attendees Present: Dianne Benjamin, Bob Elgin, Tim Michels, Jeff Mishkin, Jenny Wendt (Staff Liaison) <br /> <br />Absent: Richard Juang, Scott Eidson, Lois Sechrist <br /> 1. Meeting called to Order, Roll Call at 6:06 p.m. <br /> 2. Opening Round <br />a) Jeff attended the University City Chamber of Commerce Meeting. He also mentioned <br />“Happy Birthday” to Lois. b) Tim will be attended a session at Hawthorn Foundation organization that promotes <br />economic development for Missouri with an emphasis on encouraging more renewable energy. c) Dianne attended the Recycling Extravaganza and talked to P2D2 (Prescription Pill and <br />Drug Disposal) about prescription drug disposal. At this point University City Police are not part of P2D2. However, Olivette, Overland, and other nearby municipalities are part <br />of P2D2. <br />d) Bob attended a housing code meeting at St. Louis County headquarters. No firm decision was made on building code pertaining to energy efficiency for residential housing. <br />e) Jenny announced the Loop Clean-up Event on April 23rd in relation to Earth Day as well as the Electronics Recycling Event on May 7th. <br /> <br />3. Approval of Minutes a) February 11, 2016 Meeting Minutes were approved. <br />b) March 10, 2016 Meeting Minutes were approved. <br /> 4. Special Presentations <br />a) None 5. New Business <br />a) US Green Building Council – Missouri Gateway Chapter – Regional Environmental Internship Program (REIP) resolution i. Jenny discussed the need for a resolution stating that the City is interested in <br />reducing climate change and agrees to utilize the REIP for a greenhouse gas inventory. ii. The Commission moved that the City Council pass a resolution fostering <br />collaboration with United States Green Building Council (USGBC) to secure an intern for the purposes of an energy consumption and carbon pollution inventory to <br />help develop carbon pollution reduction plan. <br />iii. The Commission requests that staff create exact language from a draft resolution provided by REIP and bring this to City Council for approval. <br /> <br />b) Schedule Council Meeting and Study Session i. The Commission tentatively decided that a Study Session and Council <br />presentation be scheduled for either the June 13 or 27 City Council meeting date to <br />