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<br /> <br />Green Practices Commission <br />6801 Delmar Boulevard, University City, Missouri 63130, Phone: (314) 862-6767, Fax: (314) 863-9146 <br /> <br /> <br />Meeting Minutes – University City Green Practices Commission <br /> <br />August 11, 2016 <br /> <br /> <br />Location: Heman Park Community Center <br />Attendees Present: Dianne Benjamin, Lois Sechrist, Tim Michels, Richard Juang, Jenny Wendt (Staff <br />Liaison) <br /> <br />Absent: Jeff Mishkin, Scott Eidson, Bob Elgin <br /> <br /> <br />1. Meeting Called to Order, Roll Call at 6:05 p.m. <br /> <br />2. Opening Round <br />a) Tim discussed The Qualified Energy Conservation Bond program which is a 2.1% interest loan <br />for homeowners. Currently this is only in the City of St. Louis. Tim suggested University City <br />researching this program to see if it can be applied for University City residents. <br />b) Dianne reminded The Commission that U City in Bloom has their Native Plant Event Saturday, <br />August 27 from 9 – 12. <br />c) Jenny announced the next Electronics Recycling Event – October 15. Styrofoam will also be <br />collected. <br /> <br />3. Approval of Minutes <br />a) July 11, 2016 Meeting Minutes were approved as written. <br /> <br />4. Special Presentations <br />a) Ben Perlman, an intern hired by the U.S. Green Building Council through the Regional <br />Environmental Internship Program (REIP), gave an update on the Greenhouse Gas Inventory. <br />He will finish the inventory by the end of August and another intern will be hired at that time to <br />work on hazards reporting and the Climate Action Plan. City Hall has a good energy score, <br />but the new firehouse does not. Tim recommends commissioning for the new firehouse. <br />Ameren incentives could pay for the study. <br /> <br />5. New Business <br />a) Terry Crow will be the new GPC council liaison. Terry provided an updated council report. <br />i. Most of the budget has passed. <br />ii. A special election will be held in November for Steve Kraft’s vacant seat. The <br />candidates are still unknown. <br />iii. Council is reviewing feasibility report to renovate the existing police station. <br />iv. The Centene project may affect traffic flow on Forsyth and Jackson. <br /> <br />6. Old Business <br />a) Recycling Drop-Off Renovations: The cardboard compactor will be connected and installation <br />will be completed soon. The project is wrapping up slowly but nicely. <br />b) State Loan update: City Hall HVAC is substantially completed. There are still Centennial <br />Commons HVAC and a few lighting projects to complete. <br /> <br />7. Closing Round – No items <br /> <br />9. Meeting Adjourned at 7:26 p.m.