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RESOLUTION 2013 - 2 <br /> IN SUPPORT OF PROPOSITION U - FOR THE PURPOSE OF IMPLEMENTING THE <br /> RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE FACILITIES STEERING COMMITTEE. <br /> (Prop U is a no tax increase bond issue, maintains current tax to pay bonds) <br /> Whereas, it is the right of all University City children to have the best possible education; and <br /> Whereas, renewed investment will continue the progress achieved from Proposition U and <br /> continue a proud tradition of educational excellence dating from the 1920's; and <br /> Whereas, hundreds of parents, citizens, and friends of University City participated in the <br /> Destination University Schools Community Engagement Process, exploring the revitalization of our <br /> schools to effectively educate the children of our unique, diverse community; and <br /> Whereas, the recommendations of Destination University City Schools, adopted and approved by <br /> the Board of Education, commits to enhanced academic achievement, in a fiscally responsible <br /> manner, with continued involvement of families and community in the replacement and renewal of <br /> our schools; and <br /> Whereas, the City of University City and the School District of University City are currently working <br /> in partnership to provide academic excellence for citizens of our community; and <br /> Whereas, Proposition U is a No Tax Increase Bond Issue that is the capital investment to directly <br /> fund revitalization at University City High School, Brittany Woods Middle School, Jackson Park <br /> Elementary and Flynn Park Elementary to provide 21st century schools and facilities. <br /> Now therefore, let it be known that the City Council of University City, by this Resolution, <br /> encourages its citizens to support the passage of Proposition U to renew our great city through <br /> education, invest in 21St Century Schools, and assure a bright future for each and every University <br /> City Child. <br /> Adopted this 28th day of January, 2013 <br /> Mayor Welsch <br /> .67 , 0,1 ir64r/G- <br /> Councilor ber 'rice <br /> kr . i.d , to <br /> Councilmembe ra I <br /> C un 1 <br /> Councilme • •er row <br /> Councilmember Glickert <br /> We - �4 4i <br /> ouncilmem•er arr - - <br /> Councilmember Kraft /•t' ►r " <br /> f <br />