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t <br /> I <br /> I <br /> RESOLUTION NO. 2013 — 3 <br /> i <br /> t <br /> A RESOLUTION CONSENTING TO DEFENSE OF THE CITY PURSUANT TO A RETAINER <br /> AGREEMENT BETWEEN CURTIS, HEINZ, GARRETT & O'KEEFE, P.C., JOHN F. <br /> MULLIGAN, JR. AND HOWARD PAPERNER AS COUNSEL AND THE ST. LOUIS COUNTY <br /> MUNICIPAL LEAGUE IN CONNECTION WITH LITIGATION BROUGHT AGAINST THE CITY <br /> BY KIMBLE ET AL. <br /> WHEREAS, the City desires to consent to a Retainer Agreement between Curtis, Heinz, Garrett <br /> & O'Keefe, P.C., John F. Mulligan, Jr. and Howard Paperner as counsel and the St. Louis <br /> County Municipal League in connection with litigation brought against the City by Kimble et al.; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF University <br /> City, MISSOURI THAT: <br /> SECTION 1 — The City consents to being defended pursuant to the Retainer Agreement in the <br /> form attached hereto as Exhibit A, and the City Manager is authorized to execute same on <br /> behalf of the City and the City Clerk is authorized and directed to attest thereto. The Retainer ' <br /> Agreement and consent as executed shall be in substantially the form of Exhibit A, with such <br /> changes therein as shall be approved by the officers of the City executing same, consistent <br /> with the provisions and intent of this Resolution and necessary, desirable, convenient or proper <br /> in order to carry out the matters herein authorized. The City Manager and his or her designated <br /> representatives are hereby authorized and directed to take any and all actions necessary, <br /> desirable, convenient or proper in order to carry out the intent of this Resolution, the matters <br /> herein authorized, and the rights and duties of the City under the Retainer Agreement. <br /> SECTION 2—THIS RESOLUTION SHALL BECOME EFFECTIVE UPON ITS PASSAGE. <br /> ADOPTED THIS 8th day of April, 2013. <br /> 10 (.. .\� j_ _ I '4 <br /> MAYOR <br /> ATTEST: <br /> _ ....-..60!.. / <br /> CITE' LER ( ''1'7,, _ <br /> • • r/ _l i I( • ./c <br /> ill, <br /> ;J <br /> r <br />