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l' <br /> RESOLUTION 2013 — 16 <br /> I <br /> RESOLUTION TO EXPAND THE STREET SWEEPING POLICY FOR UNIVERSITY CITY <br /> F <br /> WHEREAS, the University City Public Works and Parks Department has been given the <br /> responsibility to maintain and clean the streets of University City by the Charter, Chapter 8.12 <br /> SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT AND DISPOSAL; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Director of Public Works and Parks has been given the authority and <br /> responsibility to establish regulations concerning the collection and disposal of solid waste, <br /> including the frequency; and <br /> WHEREAS, street sweeping is included under SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT; and <br /> WHEREAS, there are Best Management Practices to provide adequate and clean <br /> II <br /> streets; and <br /> WHEREAS, it is advantageous for all streets of University City to be swept on a regular f. <br /> basis to provide a clean appearance: reduce flooding, reduce pollution into the local streams <br /> and to improve safety. I <br /> NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF <br /> UNIVERSITY CITY, ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MISSOURI, AGREES AS FOLLOWS: <br /> The City Council supports the Street Sweeping Policy of the Public Works and Parks <br /> Department, that private streets used by the public shall be swept on the same schedule as City <br /> owned streets for the general health and welfare of the public. <br /> This Resolution shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage by the City Council. <br /> Adopted this 14th day of October, 2013. <br /> f <br /> 5T(nk, COat2e,e <br /> Shelley Welsch <br /> Mayor `' <br /> ATTEST ,� <br /> ------ - e_e_( - -. _ , , , <br /> , , J <br /> Pu m I <br /> CI y Clerk, <br /> City of University City o ' _s "- <br /> t <br /> it <br /> i <br /> I <br />