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RESOLUTION 2014 - 2 <br /> WHEREAS, Section of the University City Zoning Code requires that <br /> the Preliminary Development Plan be approved by the City Council by adoption of a <br /> resolution approving said Preliminary Development Plan, with conditions as may be <br /> specified and authorizing the preparation of the Final Development Plan. Section <br /> 34.40.05 of the Zoning Code requires that the permitted land uses and developments <br /> shall be established in the conditions of the ordinance adopted by the City Council <br /> governing the particular Planned Development-Mixed Use District. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY <br /> OF UNIVERSITY CITY, MO AS FOLLOWS: <br /> The City Council hereby approves the Preliminary Development Plan for the <br /> "Crown Center for Senior Living" submitted in conjunction with a request for a Zoning r <br /> Map Amendment to rezone the property to PD-M Planned Development — Mixed Use <br /> District; and <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City Council authorizes the submittal of <br /> the Final Development Plan for the "Crown Center for Senior Living." <br /> The proposed structures and uses shall be developed with the following conditions: <br /> 1. Permitted uses shall be limited to a multi-family residential development for <br /> senior living with associated accessory uses including but not limited to offices <br /> related to the operation of the facility, a café and dining area, a demonstration <br /> kitchen, a fitness area, and an outdoor gardening area which may be open to the <br /> public. The hours in which the cafe is open to the public shall be limited to 6:00 <br /> am to 10:00 pm. Any change to the hours of operation shall require written <br /> approval from the Department of Community Development. <br /> 2. The existing building height, number of stories, mass, floor area ratio, and <br /> setbacks shall be maintained as depicted in the preliminary development plan <br /> and not be exceeded. <br /> 3. The total number of residential units shall not exceed 244. <br /> 4. Parking and drive aisle layout shall be as generally depicted on the Preliminary <br /> Development Plan. A minimum of 134 off-street parking spaces shall be <br /> maintained. The location of the proposed curb-cuts for ingress/egress shall be as <br /> approved by the Department of Public Works and Parks. <br /> 5. A final landscape plan shall be submitted to the Department of Community <br /> Development for its review and approval, in conjunction with a review by the City <br /> Forester. Said plan shall be submitted with the Final Development Plan. <br /> Page 1 of 2 <br />