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INTRODUCED BY COUNCILMEMBER PRICE <br /> <br />BILL NO. 8019 ORDINANCE NO. 5809 <br /> <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 12A OF THE MUNICIPAL <br /> CODE OF THE CITY OF UNIVERSITY CITY, RELATING TO <br /> FLOODPLAIN MANAGEMENT, BY REPEALING SECTION 12A-1 <br /> THEREOF, AS ENACTED BY ORDINANCE NO. 5601, ENACTED <br /> MAY 18, 1987, RELATING TO DEFINITIONS, AND ENACTING <br /> IN LIEU THEREOF A NEW SECTION TO BE KNOWN AS "SECTION <br /> 12A-1. DEFINITIONS", IN ORDER TO COMPLY WITH CERTAIN <br /> REVISIONS NOW REQUIRED BY REVISED FEDERAL RULES, BY <br /> ADDING A DEFINITION FOR "SUBSTANTIAL DAMAGE" AND <br /> REVISING THE DEFINITION OF "SUBSTANTIAL IMPROVEMENT"; <br /> AND PROVIDING A PENALTY. <br /> <br /> BE IT ORDAINED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF UNIVERSITY <br />CITY, MISSOURI AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br /> Section 1. Chapter 12A of the Municipal Code of the <br />City of University City, Missouri relating to Floodplains <br />Management by repealing Section 12A-1 thereof, as enacted by <br />Ordinance No. 5601 enacted May 18, 1987, and enacting in lieu <br />thereof a new Section to be known as "Section 12A-1. <br />Definitions", by adding a definition for "Substantial damage" <br />and revising the definition of "Substantial improvement", <br />relating to the same subject, and re-enacting said section so <br />that said section, as so amended, shall read as follows: <br /> <br />Chapter 12A <br /> <br />Floodplain Management <br /> <br />~ec. ]~2A-1. Definitions. <br />Unless specifically defined below, words or phrases <br />used in this ordinance shall be interpreted so as to <br />give them 'the meaning~ they have in common usage and to <br />give this chapter its most reasonable application. <br /> <br />"Appeal" means a request for a review of the local <br />administrator's interpretation of any provision of this <br />chapter or a request for a variance. <br /> <br />"Area of shallow flooding" means a designated AO Zone <br />on a community's Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) with <br />base flood depths from one to three feet where a <br />clearly defined channel does not exist, where the path <br />of flooding is unpredictable and indeterminate, and <br />where velocity flow may be evident. <br /> <br />"Area of special flood hazard" is the land in the <br />floodplain within a community subject to a one percent <br />or greater chance of flooding in any given year. <br /> <br />"Base flood" means the flood having a one percent <br />chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year. <br /> <br /> <br />