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<br />Green Practices Commission <br />6801 Delmar Boulevard, University City, Missouri 63130, Phone: (314) 862-6767, Fax: (314) 862-0694 6801 Delmar Boulevard, University City, Missouri 63130, Phone: (314) 862-6767, Fax: (314) 863-9146 <br /> <br /> Meeting Minutes – University City Green Practices Commission <br /> February 12, 2015 DRAFT <br /> <br />Location: Heman Park Community Center <br />Attendees Present: Lois Sechrist, Dianne Benjamin, Jeff Mishkin, Bob Elgin, Richard <br />Juang, Tim Michels, Jenny Wendt (staff Liaison), Steve Kraft (Council Liaison) <br />Guest: Andrea Riganti, Director of Community Development <br /> <br />Absent Excused: Scott Eidson <br /> 1. Meeting called to Order, Roll Call at 6:12 p.m. <br /> 2. Opening Round <br />a) Jeff Mishkin asked how to get involved in the Delmar/Harvard Project <br />b) Lois attended a climate change conference for hospitals <br />c) Jeff Mishkin congratulated Tim Michels for working with Jenny and City Staff to <br />secure the State Energy Loan for the City. d) Bob Elgin mentioned the hospital in Pasadena that collapsed. <br />e) Tim Michels suggested we start gathering information now for the next state loan <br />application that is due in April. <br />f) Steve Kraft congratulated the commission on the state loan and the progress <br />made. g) Andrea Riganti encouraged commission members to join a focus group for the <br />comprehensive plan. <br /> 3. January 8, 2015 Green Practices Commission Meeting Minutes approved. <br /> <br />4. Special Presentations <br />a) Community Development – Overview of weed code/ordinance – Andrea Riganti distributed the new weed code/ordinance. Most of the verbiage was accepted as <br />stated. There was concern about no definition for noxious weeds. After <br />discussion, the ordinance amendment was approved. <br />Mr. Kraft suggested someone from the GPC attend the council meeting for the <br />2nd and 3rd reading. He also suggested literature or promotional piece be given to the public – gardening clubs, green center, UCB, etc. <br /> <br />5. New Business <br />a) Environmental Education Local Grants Program Brainstorm – The GPC <br />discussed this grant opportunity and decided not to pursue the grant this year. b) State Energy Program – EERE – grant opportunity brainstorm – Tim, Jeff, and <br />Jenny will review the grant opportunity to determine if this is something the City <br /> <br />