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<br />MEETING OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />City Council Chambers <br />6801 Delmar <br />City of University City, Missouri 63130 <br />January 4, 2010 <br />6:30 p.m. <br />A. MEETING CALLED TO ORDER <br />B. ROLL CALL <br />C. PROCLAMATION <br />D. APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />1. <br />December 7, 2009, Study Session <br />2. <br />December 7, 2009, Regular Council Session <br />3. <br />December 17, 2009, Special Council Session <br />E. APPOINTMENTS <br />F. SWEARING IN <br />G. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />H. CONSENT AGENDA <br />1. <br />Firehouse Proposal <br />I. CITY MANAGER’S REPORT <br />1. <br />Site Plan Review application for 8125 Groby Road – Brittany Woods Middle School <br />expansion <br />2. <br />University City Alumni Event <br />3. <br />Qdoba is requesting to downgrade their liquor license <br />4. <br />UHome UCity Green Homes <br />5. <br />Election Mailer Funding <br />6. <br />Retreat Funding <br />7. <br />Home Improvement Loan Funding <br />8. <br />Youth Job Corp <br />9. <br />Ballot Initiative April, August or November <br />INFORMATIONAL <br />10. <br />The recycling marketing program is moving forward <br />11. <br />Parental responsibility ordinance <br />12. <br />Cunningham Park development/expansion and a TIF update <br />13. <br />The East-West Gateway plan was approved by SEMA on 12/14/09 <br />14. <br />The municipal parking lot #5 <br />15. <br />A-1 Market Food and Package Liquor <br />J. UNFINISHED BUSINESS <br />BILLS <br /> <br />