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If Council is interested in touring the police and fire facilities, please bring your <br />calendars if you would like to schedule as a group. We can also provide individual <br />tours. <br />5. Election Mailer Funding: <br />On January 4, Council voted to save money by not issuing <br />a newsletter to the citizens on the candidate election. However, since we do plan to <br />move forward with the public safety ballot initiative in April in order to save the <br />expense of an additional election, would Council like to produce a smaller brochure <br />regarding Proposition P? A brochure would cost $6,000. <br />6. The Golf Advisory Committee <br /> met periodically since the opening of the Ruth Park <br />Golf Course Driving Range. Parks and Recreation Director MacCartney served as <br />staff liaison and provided monthly revenue and expenditure reports as well as <br />updates on course operations. The Committee met in October and voted to <br />recommend to City Council to sunset the committee at your earliest convenience. <br />Reports and minutes have been previously submitted. The final October meeting <br />minutes were submitted as unapproved because their final meeting in November <br />lacked a quorum. Is there a motion to sunset the Golf Advisory Committee? <br />7. Liquor License: <br />Asian Kitchen, 8423 Olive Blvd. has applied for a liquor license <br />including Sunday sales. The license is to sell beer and wine by the drink at retail. A <br />background check revealed no disqualifying information. Approval is recommended. <br /> 8. Delmar Loop Streetscape Project Phase II <br /> The Delmar Loop Streetscape Project <br />Phase II includes the installation of iron tree grates to surround the 68 newly planted trees, <br />brackets for the decorative light poles and sidewalk repairs. Originally, this project was to be <br />part of the single project of Delmar Streetscape, but the Missouri Department of Transportation <br />(MoDOT) later decided to separate this project into two phases. <br />Request for proposals for Phase II construction were advertised in the newspaper and the <br />following bids were received. <br />COMPANY NAME Bid Amount <br />Concrete Design, Inc. $133,206.90 <br />Midwest Mudjacking $146,284.00 <br />SBC Contracting $191,666.48 <br />XL Contracting $218,993.12 <br />Concrete Strategies $298,568.00 <br />A federal grant supports seventy eight percent (78%) of the eligible costs of this construction <br />project up to a maximum of $265,200. <br />The lowest bidder is Concrete Design. The bid amount is $133,206.90.The federal share will <br />be $103,901.38 and the City’s share will be $29,305.52. The City’s share is funded by the <br />Economic Development Sales Tax. The City already had funds encumbered for this project <br />with the Phase I contractor, but since MoDOT decided to require the Phase II project to be bid <br />separately, the encumbered funds will be released and replaced by the contract to be awarded <br />to Concrete Design and future contractors to be determined for other services. <br />The Disadvantage Business Enterprise participation required by MoDOT for this project is 0%, <br /> <br />