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RESOLUTION 2012 - 6 <br /> RESOLUTION FOR MUNICIPAL RECYCLING AND WASTE REDUCTION GRANT <br /> WHEREAS, the City of University City deems it necessary to provide recycling services in <br /> University City parks to serve its citizens and visitors. <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE City Council OF THE City of University <br /> City, as follows: <br /> F <br /> 1. An application for a Recycling in City Parks program was made to the Department of <br /> Health in the County of St. Louis for a grant-in-aid for all the costs to purchase and <br /> install five recycling container systems in the pavilion areas of Heman, Millar and I <br /> Fogerty Park and to develop educational materials to support the program. <br /> 2. The governing body hereby authorizes the City Manager to sign and execute the <br /> 1 <br /> necessary documents for forwarding the project proposal application, accepting awarded <br /> grant funds and later execute an agreement for a grant-in-aid from the St. Louis County <br /> Department of Health. <br /> I <br /> 3. The City of University City will enter into an agreement or contract with the St. Louis <br /> County Department of Health regarding said grant. <br /> t <br /> i <br /> PASSED AND RESOLVED THIS 9th DAY OF July, 2012. <br /> I <br /> 40 / k ...•• �� ,' <br /> Shelley W=sch, Mayor �,v'AA� • t <br /> J � /C <br /> \\mil , - <br /> Atte _ <br /> Joyce • 'm, ity Clerk <br /> t <br />