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Resolution 2012 - 10 <br /> RESOLUTION FOR MUNICIPAL PARK GRANT <br /> WHEREAS, the Park Commission of University City deems it necessary to improve a public <br /> park or facility, more specifically know as Millar Park, to serve its citizens as well as those in the <br /> metropolitan area. f <br /> t <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE City Council OF THE City of University <br /> City, as follows: <br /> 1. An application is made to the Municipal Parks Grant Program in the County of St. Louis <br /> for a grant-in-aid for some or all the costs to install a new restroom facility and pavilion <br /> area at Millar Park, reimbursable by the Commission upon completion by the city. <br /> kr <br /> 2. That a project proposal be prepared and submitted to the Municipal Parks Grant <br /> Commission. <br /> 3. The governing body hereby authorizes the City Manager to sign and execute the <br /> necessary documents for forwarding the project proposal application and later execute an <br /> agreement for a grant-in-aid from the Municipal Parks Grant Commission. <br /> 4. If a grant is awarded, the City of University City will enter into an agreement or contract <br /> with the Commission regarding said grant. <br /> PASSED AND RESOLVED THIS 22"d DAY OF October, 2012. <br /> { <br /> ' 10 i,�� <br /> Attest. Afr <br /> Shelley Welsch, Mayor P'ce Pumm, City Clerk <br /> • <br /> } <br /> 3 <br />