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1 <br /> RESOLUTION 2012 - 14 <br /> 1 <br /> tt <br /> RESOLUTION FOR A RAINSCAPE REWARDS REBATE PROGRAM IN THE CITY OF <br /> UNIVERSITY CITY I <br /> I <br /> WHEREAS, we all live downstream and City of University City recognizes that responsible <br /> municipalities choose to take a proactive role in outreach to their citizens to landscape their yard <br /> in a way that will improve stormwater management; <br /> t <br /> WHEREAS, City of University City is (partially) located in the Deer Creek Watershed which is <br /> documented on the enclosed map showing municipal and watershed boundaries; <br /> WHEREAS, City of University City is a partner of the Deer Creek Watershed Alliance and has <br /> been an active participant in the watershed planning effort; <br /> t <br /> WHEREAS, City of University City supports the goal of the enclosed Deer Creek Watershed <br /> Plan Summary which is to reduce the negative impacts of stormwater in the watershed with an <br /> emphasis on plant-based solutions; <br /> t <br /> WHEREAS, this plan should be used as a voluntary guide to achieve better stormwater <br /> i <br /> management and City of University City understands it is free to choose actions in the plan that <br /> it wishes to pursue on a selective basis; <br /> f <br /> t <br /> WHEREAS, implementation of the plan includes a voluntary rebate program to financially assist <br /> landowners wishing to RainScape their yards to improve stormwater management; <br /> WHEREAS Seventy-Three percent of the land in the watershed is owned by single-family 3 <br /> homeowners and most of these are neither developing nor redeveloping their land; <br /> WHEREAS RainScaping is a term intended to indicate voluntary landscaping choices I <br /> homeowners can implement to improve stormwater management where no development or 1 <br /> redevelopment is taking place, and that these include strategies such as turf alternatives <br /> (replacing turf grass with trees & groundcover, shrubs, perennials and/or prairie plants), native <br /> soil rain gardens, woodland restoration, soil amendments designed to de-compact soil paired <br /> with plants with extensive root structures, and stormwater harvesting methods such as rain <br /> barrels or cisterns; <br /> THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Deer Creek Watershed Plan and the RainScaping Rewards <br /> Rebate Program be endorsed through this resolution by the City of University City with the <br /> understanding that this endorsement makes the City of University City eligible to participate in <br /> the initial pilot round of funding beginning January 1, 2013. As a partner in the Deer Creek <br /> Watershed Alliance, the City of Univ ersity City commits to taking responsibility for marketing <br /> the availability of the RainScaping Rewards Rebate Program to its residents. In addition, all <br /> University City landowners within city boundaries will be eligible to participate in the rebate <br /> program and not just those living in the Deer Creek Watershed. .. r t. <br /> k <br /> } <br /> PASSED AND RESOLVED THIS 22nd DAY OF October, 2012. <br /> • I Y <br /> t <br /> Shelley Wel , Mayor Joy 'umm, City Clerk - _ <br /> i <br />