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RES011303A[Icon] 1/13/2003 Ordering Public Hearing for Mendell Storm water channel construction
RES012703A[Icon] 1/27/2003 Adopting investment policy
RES021003A[Icon] 2/10/2003 Reaffirmation of the City's commitment to Civil Liberties
RES022403A[Icon] 2/24/2003 Sewer lateral repair fund relief to condominium owners
RES040703A[Icon] 4/7/2003 Days of Remembrance 04/27 - 05/04/2003
RES042103A[Icon] 4/21/2003 Requesting St. Louis County Highways and Traffice department to cooperate with U. City traffic staff
RES070703A[Icon] 7/7/2003 prohibition of mosquitoe spraying
RES081803A[Icon] 8/18/2003 Winco Redevelopment Inducement Resolution
RES092903A[Icon] 9/29/2003 establishing a neighborhood improvement district in University Park no. 2
RES092903B[Icon] 9/29/2003 Make a Difference Day
RES102003A[Icon] 10/20/2003 authorizing the offering for sale of certificates of participation( U. City Lessee), Series 2003
RES102003B[Icon] 10/20/2003 Grant in aid application to St. Louis County Municipal Parks Grant Program
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