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RES012201[Icon] 1/22/2001 Supporting County Use Tax and Community Comeback Fund
RES040201A[Icon] 4/2/2001 Supporting an application for the 3rd round of Missouri Transportation Improvement Program funding
RES040201B[Icon] 4/2/2001 Approving transfer of AT&T Cable franchise to Charter Communications
RES060401A[Icon] 6/4/2001 Establishment of money purchase retirement plan for employees administered by ICMA Retirement corp
RES062501[Icon] 6/25/2001 supporting school district tax levy of .75 at August 7, 2001 election
RES080601A[Icon] 8/6/2001 Neighborhood Improvement District University Heights Subdivision #2
RES080601B[Icon] 8/6/2001 Delay Metrolink construction until adequate funding for building underground is found.
RES102201B[Icon] 10/22/2001 Recognizing the Loop as a DMO
RES110501A[Icon] 11/5/2001 1200 Purdue Street Barricade Neighborhood Improvement District
RES111901A[Icon] 11/19/2001 November 6, 2001 certified election results
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